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Youth Athletic Membership

A Youth Athletic Membership is for a swimmer (a child) who wants to participate on the Hurricanes Swim Team, but whose parent is not an LSRC member.  For a complete list of the rules covering eligibility, qualifications, and limitations, please use this link to the Youth Athletic Membership details on the SwimTopia website   Youth Athletic Membership Info   

Youth Athletic Membership Fees, 2022:

  • 1st swimmer $225
  • each additional swimmer $180

Youth Athletic Membership Registration:   Register online at   Hurricanes Swim Team   

Paying Youth Athletic Membership Fees:  Check or Credit Card 

Payment By Check:  After your online registration of the Youth Athletic Membership for the swim team, you may pay your fees via check; simply send your check payment to the business mailing address of the Club along with: 

  • Copy of online registration order (email confirmation from SwimTopia team website)

Payment By Credit Card:  Youth Athletic Membership registration fees can be paid via a credit card by sending an email to and request that a credit card invoice be produced and sent to the membership owner's email address (or the email address of the parent/guardian).  In your request, please provide these details:

  • Copy of the Youth Athletic Membership online registration (email confirmation from SwimTopia team website)

A customized invoice will be generated and emailed to the membership owner.  You can pay for more than one swimmer within your request, but please give all respective details per each swimmer.  NOTE:  each credit card payment requires an extra 3% transaction fee.

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