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Renting Space

LSRC offers members the opportunity to rent areas around the pools for parties and other social events.  The rental areas are:

  • the large covered picnic pavilion adjacent to the competition pool
  • the smaller canopy space near the snack bar and wading/baby pool
  • additional details about the rental areas follow below

During the pool season, contact a Snackbar or Check-In station worker in person, or call the Club's phone number, or email  to inquire about availability, to submit your application and payment to secure your reservation, and to make payment for the actual event.  A reservation is secured with the payment of the rental fee and providing an estimate of the number of guests expected to attend your event.

A link to view the 2023 rental availability will be provided here, next season    (Future) 2023 Rental Calendar 

Picnic Pavilion

LSRC offers rental use of the larger, covered picnic pavilion located by the competition pool.  This pavilion includes lights, ceiling fans, and electricity and has a smooth-surface concrete floor. It currently has several picnic tables available and can seat about 50 - 75 people. The rental of this shelter includes use of the BBQ grill, if needed.  Some typical uses for renting the pavilion are:  birthday parties, reunions, meetings, outdoor multi-family gatherings or cookouts, or sports teams social events.

Covered Canopy 

This covered canopy is located across from the snack bar and provides 3 picnic tables for use.  It generally accommodates around 20 - 25 people, but additional chairs can be moved to the area. 

LSRC offers reservation of this canopy at very competitive rates. However, rental of this canopy does not include use of any BBQ grill. 

Inviting Guests For Rental Events

The Club rents the picnic pavilion and the snackbar canopy for blocks of time periods for members who wish to hold small events or parties and invite guests. Guest fee details:

  • For non-members, a guest fee is required; note:  a non-member guest, whether child or adult, who does not use the pools does not pay a guest fee to attend the event
  • Club members who attend the rental event are admitted for free
  • If your party or event has 10 or more guests, the guest fee is $5 per guest; if less than 10 guests, the single guest fee is $7
  • For a member who wishes to hold the party, there are savings available to reduce the event or party costs through purchase of the set of guest passes, which will reduce the unit guest pass cost from $7 to $5 per guest
  • A member can purchase a book of guest passes or single passes in advance of the event
Chart of Rental Types and Rates 
 Rental Type

 Hourly Rate

 Guest Fees

 Picnic Pavilion
 During Open Hours

$20 per hour

$7.00 per guest, up to 9 guests
$5.00 per guest, 10 or more guests
Members are free with ID
Guests not using pools are free
 Small Canopy
During Open Hours

$10 per hour

$7.00 per guest, up to 9 guests
$5.00 per guest, 10 or more guests
Members are free with ID
Guests not using pools are free
 Full Facility
After Hours
 $150 per hour $7.00 per guest, up to 9 guests
$5.00 per guest, 10 or more guests
Members are free with ID
Guests not using pools are free

Here is the Rental Reservation Application Form & Policy for last season  2022 Rental Form & Policy

 Renting Facility "After Hours"

LSRC offers the rental of the enclosed areas of the facility (all three pools) "after hours" only to LSRC members.  This type rental is available during non-operational hours, after standard closing time during the season.  This type rental requires settlement of possible contractual stipulations (i.e. additional lifeguards at extra cost).  If you are interested in renting the pools' areas after standard operational hours, please send your request with details to the Club's email address ( ) before submitting your completed application and payment.  You will want to resolve any additional costs beyond rental rates before you host your event. 

Scheduled Group Visits Without Rentals

Adults with supervisory authority over children or other adult groups are permitted to enter into an agreement with LSRC to visit the Club and use the pools without renting confined areas of the Club.  This opportunity is available to members and non-members and established guest fees apply.  The Club management will be glad to work with any group leader to set the rates, days and blocks of time for use. 

Examples of the type of group interested in this special use arrangement are:

  • daycare centers for summer school children
  • residence centers that care for adults/senior adults
  • church groups with summer programs
Please inquire about this seasonal arrangement by email to

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